Monday, September 29, 2008

An Introduction: Let's Begin at the Beginning

Greetings. The name’s Karjan Amahel, currently the newest member of the Hellcats Corporation in EVE.

Following the urgings of my CEO, Mynxee, I’ve decided to begin recording my thoughts and reactions to the goings-on in EVE and posting them here for others to read. Mainly, this will be a way for me to examine things I’ve done, a record, per-se, to look back upon what I’ve done and where I’ve been in my life in EVE. If you pull lessons, amusement, or even just a general timewaster out of this blog, so much the better in my opinion.

Introductions are the hardest thing in the universe. My mind starts and stalls repeatedly, skipping from one concept to the other.

Do I speak of how I started EVE? It’s a simple tale: my fiancé and a roommate of mine (I have three, not including my fiancé) both play EVE. I started playing in the vain attempt to understand the jargon and stories they were telling.

Do I speak of how I found it? Another simple tale, I’m afraid. I found it dark, and glorious, and such a wonderful, wonderful morbid playfield for my mind.

Do I speak of how I found the Hellcats? An accident, to be honest. I was bored in class and started scrolling through the topics in the Recruitment forum. I found the post, eve-mailed Mynx, and the rest can be seen on my Employment History.

I will strive, as much as possible, to put my honest, unvarnished opinion herein, for others to examine and ignore, critique, or praise as they see fit.

Be warned, though, for my mind often takes a rather morbid or philosophical path, and lacking something interesting in Local chats, or some latest mishap or adventure in pirating, that is likely the path any posts will take.

Read at your own risk.


Mynxee said...

Ah, most excellent beginning...most excellent! Welcome to the EVE blogosphere.

CrazyKinux said...

Hi Karjan!

As Mynxee said a few days ago, welcome to the EVE Online blogging community!

Thanks to Ga'len for bringing your blog to my attention, I've just added it to the EVE Player Blogroll on my blog. A list that now has 100 EVE blogs!!

If you could share the list of EVE Player Blogroll in a post on your blog that would be great and I would be very appreciative. I'll mention your blog in next Friday's EVE Speedlinking Post.

Mynxee must be doing a good job recruiting you guys!

Happy blogging and pirating!